How to apply for a German Visa

Besides being a country that offers diverse opportunities to choose among prospective universities, Germany is also a popular choice forinternational students for professional training in their field of interest. Acquiring a visa is a major step towards acquiring this and the following pointers are tailored to clarify how to apply for the same.

Step 1 ꟷ Get done with the visa application form

Based on the purpose of your visit to Germany please be sure to check with the visa application website to know the appropriate type of visa you need to apply for.This includes the visa fees and all the required documentation.Complete filling up the application form, along with yoursignature and collect all the required documents before applying. Make a few printouts of the completed form, you may need this when attending for your Visa appointment.

Step 2 ꟷ Make an appointment with the German Embassy

It is mandatory that you book an appointment prior to your visit to the Application centre. This runs for all procedures related to submitting your documents for a German VISA.

Step 3 ꟷ Visit the application centre

Afterreaching the Application Centre, a tokenwill be issuedpost verification of your appointment letter. It is suggested you be on time, as the embassy may not be able to assist with your visa request if there is a delay.

Step 4 ꟷ Submit your visa application

The submission process typically takes about 10 minutes to complete, during which your personal documents and visa application form are thoroughly checked and verified. Onceyour application is marked fulfilled your passport, documents and application form will be held by the application centre, temporarily.

Note: In case your visa application form is incomplete, you will be asked to collect another token. This situation generally arises when the applicant has not arranged the documents in the stated order or missed out on providinga few necessary photocopies of documents.

Step 5 ꟷ Provide all necessary information

After the verification of your application, all the datagiven on the application form will be extracted. This is then entered into the on-line system of the German consulate to print out a copy of your visa application. This process usually gets finished within 10 to 15 minutes.

Once you have the printed form in hand, take substantial time to verify if all the details are correct, before signing the form. Next, you must pay for the visa for which a receipt will be issued.Keep the payment receipt safe as this is required to collect your passport.

Step 6 ꟷ Biometric data collection

Biometrics will be collected next using a quick process (usually taking 7-8 minutes), once the application has been completed.This involves capturing a 10-digit fingerprint scan with the help of a digital finger scanner.This final step completes the visa application process, which will then be sent to the German Consulatefor processing, the next working day.

The visa collected will make you eligible to find an academic or a professional position at different institutions and companies, respectively.Click here to know more about the visa application requirements for Germany.