Pawna Lake Guide 2022

In the Maharashtra, Pawna Lake is a popular tourist destination. It is not only revered for its sight but also for certain important locations in the vicinity. Lake Pawna is just a heaven for campers. The place’s camping experience is mostly applauded. Many camping companies in Pawna Lake sell camping packages. During Pawna campground on the Lake and amenities, you can enjoy many benefits depending on your chosen kit. The site consists of aerial slopes, which contribute to the elegance of the site. For those who want to take a break from their life, you can visit this magical place.

Pawna Lake Guide 2022

Lake Pawna is known as an artwork of nature. Campsite Pawna Lake is an unbelievable feeling you have never seen before. From the elegance of the picturesque location under the starry sky to the fluffy grass, this is an experience that never can be forgotten. This place with mates is best appreciated. But you can even camp with your mates. Lake Pawna is a less explored location, but the importance of the site has increased with the building of the Pawna Dam. This untouched destination is a refuge, but you’re still close to town. It is situated on the old highway Mumbai-Pune and can easily be accessed.

Dinosaurs Park, Lonavala

  • Live in the Lonavala Mini-Jurassic Square! Disseminate over 6.5 hectares.
  • The children above 3 years of age are not subject to a cap. 
  • Animatronic fossils, games and dinosaur competitions are held.
  • Restaurants and products stores are available to satisfy hunger.
  • Food is not approved outdoors.
  • This location might not be suitable for adults, for infants.

Lohagad – Visapur fort

It’s one of Maharashtra’s many hill forts. It reaches a height of 1033 m (3389 ft) long. The fort is connected by a narrow range to the nearby fort of Visapur. The range includes the Indrayani and Lake Pavana or Lake Pawna basins. Lohagad looks over the reservoir of Pawna or Pavana.

Visapur Fort

That is 1084 m higher than the sea level. It has been built on the same plateau as Lohagad. The fort includes caves, water cisterns, decorated arches and old buildings. Many of Pandavas have been well built. It is one of Pawna Lake’s easiest trekking spots. While Lohagad and Visapur are nearby, the fort can be covered by only experienced hikers in a day. After completing a fort trek, a newbie trekker can become exhausted. Newbie’s can pick a fort on a regular basis from Lohagad and Visapur.

Dudhiware waterfall

It’s next to Lake Pawna. The cascade height is 135 meters. It is renowned for remembering waterfalls, zip line and crossing the gorge. The exciting adventure can be witnessed there. Amazing and milk like view of the waterfall. When there is heavy rain, you should not visit this spot. 

Prati pandharpur

Prati- Pandharpur was founded by Baba Maharaj Satarkar who is a famous Dnyaneshwari speaker to give the same look and feel to Pandharpur. Located in the village of Dudhiware near the Dam of Pawna in front of the temple is a lovely lawn. The weather is really hot. There is a lush green forest around it. And it’s also a great meditation spot.

Tikona fort 

Also known is the Vatandgad. The elevation is 3,500 m. The word Tikona appears like a pyramid and means three-winning. Here are the Trembakeshwar temple of Mahadev, seven tanks and a few caves. There is a magnificent view of Pawna Lake from the castle.

Tung fort

Kathingad Fort is also known. That is 1075 meters higher than the sea level. It is difficult to utter the word Kathin. During the ascent, the struggle to reach this fort is challenging. It is conical and has steep climbs on the mountain’s edge in a rather narrow path. The Pawna Dam is really similar. Tung is a significant monument to its Sharp, Conical Top.

Tung fort Trek in the monsoon time is not recommended for you. The top of the fort at monsoon is particularly dangerous. You should take the intermediate to Tikona Fort and the simple expedition to Lohagad-Visapur. Take advantage! Take advantage! Oh, well! Well! The six locations around Pawna Lake are the most common. Of course, in a single day, you can’t visit every place. You must pick any of them according to your interest.

Let’s construct a menu, therefore! One simple thing is that only one fort and few locations must be included.

Some variations are available here:

    • Prati pandharpur + Waterfall of Dudhiware.

    • Fort of Visapur, Prati Pandharpur + Waterfall of Dudhiware

    • Fort Tikona + Prati pandharpur + Waterfall Dudhiware

  • Tung fort + Other points in Lonavala, since these locations are far from Fort Tung