Surprise Your Loved Ones with These Designer Cakes

A cake has the power to make your special day more beautiful. It is also a way to change any sad mood into happiness and help you make your relationship stronger with your loved ones with its sweetness. In short, a cake is an essential element of a celebration and much more. The best thing about cake is that, if you feel tired of your work, then having a big slice of cake is enough to feel happy. Apart from that, whatever celebration you are going to celebrate, but one thing that you should never miss is that you need to order the best cake for your occasion. A delicious and designer cake is essential for your celebration that adds charm and beauty to your special day. You can also delight your loved ones with a designer cake. So, if you wish to find the best designer cakes ideas for your occasion, you can read this article that will surely help you.

Here, we have listed the top designer cake ideas you can choose for your special events.

Flower Cake
Flowers are one of the most beautiful elements in our nature. How amazing if you can get this beauty at your cake. Yes, you can get flower-designed cakes at the online cake store that you can choose according to your need. You can buy white rose cake looking very charming and tasty and best for your mom for expressing your care and respect towards them. Similarly, the red rose cake adorned with red cream flowers is best for showing love feelings. So, guys, you can choose the cake as per your need and make your loved ones feel very special by gifting flower cake and show them how much you love them.

Liquor Bottle Cake
If your friend enjoys a drink, then you can give him a liquor bottle cake that is one of the best treats from your side. When he receives this unique gift on his special day, he will indeed feel delighted. It is also the best way to add some memorable moments in his life. You can give this cake to your friend on his birthday or a graduation party that is a lovely gesture from your side for your friend. You can also order cake online in Noida and get the best-flavored cake at your place.

Number Cake
If you celebrate the first birthday of your baby, first anniversary, 10th anniversary, 18th birthday, whatsoever, these celebrations are not completed without a cake. A cake designed in number shape is the best delight to celebrate these beautiful times you passed away with your loved ones. So, buy a beautiful cake for celebrating your special celebration in the best way. 

Designer Cheesecake
Do you want to get the most exotic flavor to delight your taste buds? If yes, you can buy the most delicious cheesecake and mesmerize your taste buds immediately. You can buy mango cheesecake, blueberry cake, and many other such flavors for your special celebration. Many online cake shops also provide online cake delivery with the best delivery service. So surprise your loved ones on any special occasion with a delicious yummy cake.

A Mobile Phone Cake
Nowadays, everyone is crazy about phones, regardless of their age. Yes, kids also feel thrilled when they get the phone in their hands. So, there’s no better gift for your kid on their birthday as compared to the mobile cake. This cake surely grabs the attention of everyone, especially your kid. You can also order a customized cake that replicates your smartphone. Indeed when your kid sees this cake, he will feel pleased and love it as he loves your phone. 

Square Cake
Usually, people buy round-shaped and heart-shaped cakes for their celebration. If you want to get more stylish for your party, you can buy a square-shaped cake that is perfect for special occasions. The appearance of the cake is eye-catching and surely woos your loved ones and friends’ heart. So, as this cake design is symmetrical, any decoration will look fantastic on the cake. You can also get online cake delivery in Chennai and surprise your dear ones on any special occasion.


Delicious and beautiful, sprinkled cakes are also the best choice for your special occasion. The cake is covered with multi-colored colors that look very elegant and add brightness and joy to your party. Sprinkles have never been out of style, and each loves them, which makes it a perfect choice to embellish your cake with. 

These are some of the best designer cakes that you can choose from for your special occasions.