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The table, which is a tool used for complex visualization and simplification of complex data. It is designed to help the user to create visuals and graphics without the help of any programmer or prior programming knowledge. Tableau is designed to provide incredibly responsive and easy business software. It is a smart platform where companies move more quickly and easily for customers and consumers to understand. It is an efficient, highly scalable, and easily deployable business structure. In the Tableau Starter Tutorial, we’ll learn the basics of Tableau: what Tableau is and its history. The table, which is a tool used for complex visualization and simplification of complex data. It is designed to help the user to create visuals and graphics without the help of any programmer or prior programming knowledge.

What is Tableau

In addition, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of Tableau. So to understand why Tableau is necessary, we must learn what Tableau data visualization is. Finally, we discussed the different products of Tableau Software to understand Tableau. For complete information about Tableau, you can join a Tableau online training institute. And get basic knowledge and basic concept.

Tableau History:

Tableau software was developed by an American software company based in Seattle, WA, USA. Professor Pat Hanrahan and Ph.D. student Chris Stolte, specialists in visualization techniques, created the software in the computing department to explore and analyze relational databases and data cubes. They were the pioneers of research in which they studied and analyzed the use of table-based screens to navigate multidimensional relational databases.

Why is Tableau used?

In Tableau, it is very easy to use, as you do not need to know any type of programming, the only requirement of the table is to have some type of data to create attractive reports. It is a revolutionary drag and drops feature. It helps to create a story or report using your imagination and a mouse. All of these properties are possible in a table, as there is VizQL in the table.

Tableau’s data engine is a revolutionary in-memory analysis designed to overcome the limitations of existing databases and data silos. The table can be run on ordinary computers, it puts data in the hands of everyone who does not require any data correction model, and no data correction module is needed.

Advantages of Tableau:

This part of the Tableau tutorial covers the following benefits of Tableau:

  • Speed: Tableau can analyze hundreds of millions of lines and respond in seconds. Speed ​​is a painting’s greatest asset. This Tableau feature is very useful for you to make a quick business decision.
  • Easy to use: Tableau is very easy to use thanks to the drag and drop feature. The only prerequisites are basic skills in MS Excel and that is all, no prior programming knowledge is required.
  • Beautiful and interactive panel: The table panel provides dynamic and highly interactive results. Images and web pages will be easily added to the panel to create smart and beautiful graphics and graphics. The beautiful and interactive panel assists in easy narration, providing a detailed view of the data.
  • Direct link: Tableau allows databases, data warehouses, and cubes to connect directly to users. No advanced configuration is required to update the table, it becomes very easy to access the updated data. For example, you can easily select Hadoop spreadsheets and data to create the perfect match and help you get results quickly. and. Easy publishing and sharing after the data is analyzed, quick sharing can be done easily, the dashboard publishes for sharing on the web and mobile devices. This quality makes it very easy to use and helps you get results efficiently and quickly.
  • Growing market: As Tableau is new to the market, it continues to grow day by day, which means that its market share is increasing day by day. It is everywhere, in almost every sector, from health to transportation. It has a very strong customer base that includes companies like Nokia, Deloitte, Microsoft, and others. These companies use Tableau on a daily basis to meet their business intelligence needs.

Tableau 2022 Developer Career Opportunities

The average salary for a Tableau developer in 2022 was around $ 1.00,000 in the United States. It is well located in India, with 20 lakhs a year for experienced developers and around $ 8,55015 for beginners, according to an Even report. So, see, if you learn Tableau, there will be a lot of growth and scope